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Heat Exchangers

WE WORK WITH ALL TYPES OF: Heat Exchangers, Oil Preheaters, Suction Heaters, After Coolers, Condensers, and Related Products

MATERIALS WE WORK WITH: Tubing, Tube Sheets, Baffles, Tie Rods & Supports, Spacers & Shells, Gaskets, and other Preformed Parts

METALS WORKED: Copper, Brass, Carbon & Stainless Steel, Nickel, Titanium, Monel, and many others

AFTER MARKET SERVICES: Retubing, Repairing, Rebuilding and New Fabrication

Rigid testing is standard on every order.
Our delivery promises are kept.
We want to be your source!

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    P.O. Box 388 198 Main Street Adamsburg, PA 15611